Ways to Keep the Vehicle in Good Shape

How to Minimize the Need for Auto Service

Owning a car is considered a luxury nowadays, even if it is a second-hand one. Aside from fuel consumption, you should also be financially prepared for its periodic maintenance and repairs. Working on automobiles, regardless of the model and make, should only be done by a licensed auto service provider. If you have just purchased your dream car but is uncertain about the expenses, there are ways on how you can maintain its functionality without breaking the bank.


Always bring a spare tire

Most car owners disregard bringing a spare tire. with them, especially during a long trip. They will only see its importance once they got a flat tire on the road. Having a flat tire causes delay to our trips and requires us to spend money for the towing services. Put a spare tire in the trunk and make sure it is inflated. You must purchase a tire pressure gauge to monitor the tire’s air pressure before leaving the garage.


Keep the car’s battery clean

The battery is one of the main components of an automobile and is essential for mechanical and electrical functions. Since it has chemicals and acid, it is prone to corrosion, which could develop a crack or lead to sudden electrical failure. Like the engine, the battery should be cleaned properly. Do it cautiously by using a wire brush to avoid damaging the terminals and wires. Let the auto service provider check the battery at least twice a year to avoid unexpected problems during your trip.


The air filter must be replaced

The air coming from the air conditioning unit of your vehicle came from the outside, which means it contains pollutants. If the air filter of your car is already past its lifespan, this could lead to serious damage to the AC system. Replacing and using high-quality air filters is considered an impeccable maintenance service that saves your hard-earned money. Make sure you replace the filter every year, once the vehicle reaches 12,000 miles, or whichever comes first.


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